"Epidemic" call under duty

Maoming Port Group volunteer commandos fought on the front line of epidemic prevention


On the evening of July 9th,In the face of the recent rapid spread of COVID-19 in Maoming City, the grim situation,Maoming Port Group Party Committee attaches great importance to it,Act quickly,According to the notice of Maoming Municipal Party Committee and Binhai New Area Party Working Committee,Strictly abide by "when there is a call,The principle of "there must be",Overnight, a Party volunteer commando team composed of Party members from the Development and Construction Party Branch, Binhai Holding Party Branch and some Party branches of the government organs was sent down to the frontline to support epidemic prevention and control work,To assist in carrying out large-scale nucleic acid screening, maintaining the order of nucleic acid testing and collecting relevant information from the public。

After receiving the order, the volunteer commandos of Party members acted on the order, assembled in the starry night, and rushed to the front line。By July 10, a total of 16 Party volunteers had been sent to serve 3 nucleic acid detection points and 3 guard points, serving more than 1,000 people. The members of the volunteers appeared in every corner of the epidemic prevention front in Binhai New Area。

"Please open the health code, line up in an orderly manner, keep 1 meter apart, don't worry。At the nucleic acid detection site in Binhai New Area, volunteer commandos of Party members of the group are helping maintain order at the large-scale nucleic acid screening site。In residential areas, nucleic acid detection points, and village entry checkpoints, the Party volunteer commandos registered information and checked health codes, checked every car and every person, and patiently relieved doubts to ensure that every car and every person were checked in place。

In the next phase of epidemic prevention and control work,The Party Committee of the Group will give full play to the role of Party organizations at all levels and Party members as battle fortresses and vanguard models,Work together to build a tight line of defense and governance,Actively respond to the municipal Party committee, the municipal government, the Binhai New Area Party Working Committee, the administrative committee of various work arrangements,Acting upon orders and strengthening coordination,Fast and strict measures to surround Laogan to extinguish the epidemic。(Guo Fuyu)

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